Sunday, December 30, 2007

iBlackle to Fight Solastalgia

An article from Wired's January 2008 Issue by Clive Thompson mentions a new kind of depression - Solastalgia - the sadness caused by environmental change. Australia is suffering the most of it, the article writes. And it strikes me that Blackle, the original inspiration of iBlackle, hails from the land of Down Under. Even moreso that the man who coined the word solastalgia is an Australian.
As iBlackle's lone developer, I am neither Australian, nor am I Solastalgic, but I would like to make it clear that I feel the pain too. That's why I started iBlackle on a humorous vent 2 months ago.
Although iBlackle, as a parody - seems to be making fun of ecological websites, it maintains that the damage to our planet is no laughing matter.
In fact it stuck to my mind that John Doerr (the venture capitalist who inspired the developers of literally cried at the end of his talk about the environmental crisis. Dude, he could be Solastalgic! Well, he cried out of passion, wherein I would have peed my pants out of nervousness when giving speeches.
The saddening environmental issues of our Planet is real and it is no joke. And that is why iBlackle is here: To counter the pain and misery caused by environmental damage, via the use of comedy and humor to at least quell the sadness, to educate the masses in ecological issues, and raise public awareness on environmental matters.
Do Not Be Sad: iBlackle is Here to Save the Planet and Fight Solastalgia!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CO2 Emissions Offset ( How to make up for farting too much )

Apparently, I farted a lot during the development of iBlackle, so I'd like to make up for the harm I did by installing the CO2 Emissions Offset on this blog & iBlackle pages. See the green widget below. Hopefully will really cancel out all the 'green pea gas' i made. And they better live up to their promise or else I might pass gas some more! It must've been the Green Pea Soup or the Lentil Soup that caused such toxic fumes in my bowels to emanate.
Lentil and Green Pea..."green" as it may seem, is not Ecofriendly. It contributes to Global Warming by causing too much fart, or CO2 emissions.
Imagine how HOT it would be if every person around the world ate Green Pea soup and Lentils simultaneously and then farted all at the same time - it would be global rotten hell!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Learn More Green Tips via iBlackle Naturally

Turn the lights off when making love. by iBlackle!I have been adding more and more green tips (70 of them so far) as I learn and compile them that I come across. Of course I try to shorten them as much as I can, or make them sound funny. Some are even original ones that I just thought of myself (such as the example above). But what's even funnier is that I have been finding myself practicing these tips from out of the blue, instinctively, effortlessly, and naturally.
I guess these green tips showing up just a little bit above the iBlackle search box (or below the logo) gets read via peripheral vision and somehow induces a subliminal learning effect on the mind. Whoa!
Case in point: Use iBlackle more and you'll learn to be ecofriendlier naturally!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Wasteful Thinking

iBlackle is a parody. I have started it with that in mind, but I realized it doesn't really 'act' like one. So today, I have decided to make a small change:
I have changed the "n Watt-hours saved" into "n Watt-hours Wasted". The counter mechanism is untouched, and honest as from the day i activated it last Nov 15, 2007. Only the suffix was changed from "saved" to "wasted".
The point of this parody is that by being aware of how much energy we actually waste on senseless searching, we can then take measures to minimize our energy-wasting activities (such as using this parody search engine!).
Right now, you are wasting your energy reading this st*pid post, so get back to useful work!