Saturday, May 17, 2008

The 11th Hour

The 11th HourI watched The 11th Hour several times, learning that it is the Global Awareness to Environmental issues that must be spread to the public before a massive action can take place to avert global warming. Failure for the whole of humanity to take action can further increase the Earth's temperature to a few more degrees - further amplifying climate change. And you've seen what the continued climate change can do - flooding, more powerful hurricanes, and deadlier tornadoes, landslides, drought, animal extinctions. These are the effects we are reaping now because of our continued reliance on fossil fuels which releases more CO2, our destructive practices such as deforestation, and dumping toxic wastes that kill the oceans.
A few more degrees of increase to the average surface temperature of the earth can throw of the Earth's balance in a destructive way against man himself.
It's actually not the planet that we must save but humanity and life itself, because Earth can and will recover...when mankind is gone.


Fight Global Warming from the Heart of Humanity

Fight Global WarmingFor those who would like to know more details about how climate change and global warming is destroying our planet and hurting us, please visit
It's strange, but its really not global warming that we should fight: its the culture of consumerism and the apathy to the environment that we should fight. The battle begins in the heart of humanity.