Wednesday, January 2, 2008

iBlackle is now Open Source for Collaboration!

Happy New Year Planet Earth! I am greeting our Planet with open arms! That's right! Open! iBlackle is now OPEN for Collaboration! Anyone can add their ecofriendly websites to be emphasized in iBlackle's search results!
Here's how it works: When you volunteer to add your site(s) to iBlackle's database, your website(s) will be given priority by iBlackle's spiders and emphasized in the search results.
So if you like to join, please go to this page and click on the "Volunteer to contribute" link. Then you will be taken to a series of pages to complete your profile as a contributor to iBlackle. If you do not have a Google account, you will be prompted to get one.
But please take note that only Green Ecofriendly websites will be allowed to be included in iBlackle's priority list.
I will be reviewing the sites often to check the integrity of the list. I will also be adding sites that I feel is worthy to be included on iBlackle's priority list, and I will personally delete non-relevant websites! Basically, the only thing I ask is for contributors to put in sites that are truly ecological, and support environmental issues or must aim to save the planet. If you feel shy to contribute and just want to add your site or suggest new ones, just send them via this contact page and I will add them to the list.
This improvement will morph iBlackle into a "General Purpose Search Engine with an Ecological Vent". It means that iBlackle will still provide relevant results when queried with general keywords (since it uses Google's General Search Engine) but whenever someone searches for terms which are environmental or ecological, iBlackle will return results that are more focused on ecological issues as influenced by the volunteer community of iBlackle. The ecological sites of the active green community will be given priority in the search results.
In essence, iBlackle will morph into a community-based, human-powered, collaborative search engine on ecological topics, while remaining as a general purpose "re-packaged" google search engine.
So go ahead. Volunteer now! Add your favorite green websites to iBlackle!