Friday, November 7, 2008

Milestone: GreenTips, EcoTwits and Wackiness

Whoa! Today marks another milestone: The greentips reaches 200 unique original tips personally concocted by me. They are unadulterated and unrated, so watch out for some wacky ones that might pop up randomly. They now link to ecotwits, as well - with additional details about the tip (if any). Plus, the greentips (a.k.a EcoTwits) now has its own URL, so you can forward it to your friends for reference, or simply to laugh about. Here's a sample.
Also, the EcoTwits Widget has been approved by Widgetbox, so it is now included in their directory. For those who have been clamoring to install the greentips on their own sites and blogs, you may now do so using that widget.
EcoTwits now has 15 twitter followers in a span of less than a week! So why dont you join the bandwagon and follow EcoTwits as well.
And lastly, EcoTwits now has its own blog. Hurrahh! Its not much yet, but I will be aggressively developing all these things like a mutant octopus.


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