Wednesday, November 28, 2007

iBlackle Theme for iGoogle now Live!

iBlackle ThemeThe long-awaited iBlackle Theme is now live! It's also an iGoogle skin to call it the other way around. The iGoogle interface has been 'monkeyed' with, using the GreaseMonkey Firefox Add-on. This release only works for Mozilla Firefox. And requires that the GreaseMonkey Add-On be installed in your Firefox browser first. Then the GreaseMonkey script should be installed next. It works seamlessly with your iGoogle custom page, but you must set 'Classic' as your theme! Don't select no crazy 'Solar System' themes just yet! I'm still working on it. For now, just enjoy the sleek iBlackle theme or skin for your iGoogle!


DJarvis said...

great job!

now, if only you can get one for iGoogle on Internet Explorer...just think of the converts!

sick innocent soul said...

thank you!
i have some difficulties reading my gmails though ,it's all white??? hmm

sick innocent soul said...

Oh i got it. I need to launch full gmail in order to see my mails , not possible to read directly from iblackle? And mine isn't completely black, as in your snapshot?!?
but anyways thanks, nice job!

Ang said...

yea really... i would so use this if it were for internet explorer. i refuse to use firefox. sorry.